Charlie Spats & MJ Take a Break for Cocksucking & Hole Fucking

Working hard? Hardly working? MJ and Charlie have been busting their ass all day at the office and are in desperate need of a break. Right when MJ is ready to give in, he catches Charlie playing with himself behind the desk! MJ and Charlie spend the rest of their 9-5 exploring each other’s bodies in this sexy amateur trans guy on trans guy scene. They blow each other, Charlie fucks MJ over the office chair, and MJ even sucks Charlie’s cock through a dental dam! MJ grinds in Charlie’s lap while Charlie jerks himself off to orgasm in his office chair! JOIN NOW for more hot trans guy on trans guy ACTION! Only here, on!!!

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7 thoughts on “Charlie Spats & MJ Take a Break for Cocksucking & Hole Fucking”

  1. YES!!! I’m SO glad that somebody FINALLY brought us into the light. I’m a transgender man and couldn’t be more excited about this project. Without sounding TOO cocky and completely throwing modesty out the window, we ARE sexy and beautiful to look at and the world needs to recognize! Love you James Darling and all the wonderful, beautiful and SEXY actors and actresses who are truely bringing sexy back baby. Love you all! Peace.

  2. Hey, I’m male, 18 years old and I worship guys with pussy! I really do! There’s something about them that turns me on to death!!! Unfourtunately, we have few of them in Brazil and most of them are only interested in girls. :/ But I wish I could make a porn with them. :)

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