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James Darling and Ned Mayhem: Gay FTM Afterschool Cocksucking & Hole Filling

Now updated with Part One and Part Two of this amazing scene! James Darling just can’t keep his focus in Ned Mayhem’s class! His impressionable young mind keeps drifting to the bulge in his teacher’s pants. Ned Mayhem asks James to stay after class for some much needed academic counsel. James is going to have to make up his failing grades somehow! Well, at least he’s pretty. Ned Mayhem whips out his cock and bends James over his desk in this hot cis guy on trans guy teacher/student roleplay!

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Trailer for Part Two:


Update #2: James Darling and Ned Mayhem Hard Core Photoshoot

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Sample Images:


4 thoughts on “James Darling and Ned Mayhem: Gay FTM Afterschool Cocksucking & Hole Filling”

    1. we can’t say exactly, but SOON! we are posting the photo set form the whole shoot today as well! glad you are excited :)

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