Arabelle Raphael, Akira Raine, and James Darling: FEMDOM

James Darling gets himself into some serious trouble when he stumbles uninvited into an abandoned warehouse. Unbeknownst to him, this is the lair of two hot macho femmes Arabelle Raphael and Akira Raine who don’t appreciate it when men invade their personal space without asking! When these gorgeous dommes catch him, James learns a lesson he will never forget.

Trigger warning: This scene features a consensual prenegotiated fantasy that includes intentional transphobia, humiliation play, queer cuckolding, femme solidarity, rough sex, piss play, smoking, bdsm, sex with socks on and a bunch of other stuff. This scene does not reflect the personal views of the actors/actresses involved.


Video by Mickey Mod
Music by Meat Swap

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