FTM Kay Garnellen and femme Sadie Lune afternoon romp & squirting

“Sadie was minding her own business when she caught her French FTM boyfriend Kay spying on her in the bathroom! She decides to run outside and teach Kay a lesson in her garden. This romantic & sadistic scene between two real ife partners features trans CBT, spanking, blowjobs, titty fucking, pissing, and truly phenomenal squirting! Only here on FTMFUCKER.com!

Part One and Two available in the member’s area!

9 thoughts on “FTM Kay Garnellen and femme Sadie Lune afternoon romp & squirting”

  1. Can you post this in the clip store? Actually can you update the clip store with your full scenes? Kay is so fucking hot.Can we see him getting fucked by a cisgender male? (wolf Hudson) perhaps? OMG

    1. we will be updating the clip store next week! thanks for your suggestions, and the next chance we get to work with kay he will have the option to choose another co-star! of course, he lives far far away from us, so that might be a while! thanks for your input as always darren, and your support!! xoxo

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