Happy Holidays from FTMFucker.Com!

Dearest FTMFUCKER fans,

As 2012 comes to a close, I’m reflecting on what all this year has held for our fledging porn site FTMFUCKER.com!

I began FTMFUCKER with the simple goal in mind that there needed to be more representation of FTM trans guys in porn. We are one very sexy demographic of people and it’s about time to showcase that online! And I was right, people were in desperate need of more hot trans men in their lives!

FTMFUCKER has only been alive and kicking for a mere 6 months now and I couldn’t be more proud! Starting this site has changed my life forever and allowed me to meet so many incredibly talented, inspiring and hot people! I’m so proud of everyone involved, and I’m especially thankful to Courtney Trouble for all of her hard work on this site.

From the very first scene I ever shot of Cyd Loverboy and Essex, to Dex Hardlove’s first controversial scene with a girl abducting Beretta James with Delvin Deluge to an epic unicorn gangbang, we’ve been up to all kinds of dirty and delicious fun here at FTMFUCKER HQ and it’s only the beginning!

Thank you for supporting FTMFUCKER.com and I hope that you continue to enjoy the high quality photosets and HD video updates. As a thank you we are offering 25% off the clip store through January 15th! Happy holidays and see you in the new year with even more mindblowingly hot FTM porn!!!

James Darling

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