Puck Goodfellow & Jacques LeFemme FTM Demonic Fantasy

While performing a ritual and reading tarot cards before bed, Jacques LeFemme inadvertently invokes the spirit Puck Goodfellow! Puck controls Jacques body, making him convulse with passion and lust until he falls asleep. Then Puck slowly enters the room, seducing, flogging, stroking, spanking and facefucking the flexible and  lust-filled Jacques. The tables are turned when Jacques takes off Puck’s mask, revealing the true nature of this sexy beast. Past, present, and future, these hot orgasms will make this beautiful and surreal FTM on FTM fantasy a dream you will never forget.


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4 thoughts on “Puck Goodfellow & Jacques LeFemme FTM Demonic Fantasy”

  1. I absolutely love, love, LOVE what James Darling has put together here and it’s about time. The performers are awesome, obviously inteligent and absolutely beautiful in every way! I’m a huge fan of them all. It’s hard to pick a favorite, so I won’t even try. As a transgender man myself who transitioned 9+years ago, it’s nice to finally see transgender men being portrayed in a positive way on film as sexy, hot, desirable creatures in living color! I think this movement is very powerful and empowering for the transmale community and gives a much needed boost to the transgender male self-esteem and sends a positive message that says, “We are sexy, strong and desirable men and we’re here to stay and we are most definately not going anywhere.” Oh yeah FTM Fucker is keeping it real and making me feel proud to be a transgender man. Keep making us cum FTM Fucker, the way only you can. Peace! 😉

  2. Great! Absolutely great! I too am glad that James Darling bring out transmen as well in such a beautiful way! These guys are every bit a gentleman as any man is! Just because their anatomy is different their still every bit as masculine as their genetic brothers are. I think that this scene here is so beautiful with both guys not only handsome in their own right, but they make love pretty well. Both men are wonderful here! Also, I think Jacques is very sexy and love his overall shape including his ass and cock! Yes he does have a penis and it even looks good erect! Thank you James so much you made my day! Jonnie

  3. The Demon Magic set is like the hottest thing I’ve seen in a year! Like a fantasy from my dreams. Great work from everyone involved!

  4. Hey James what about putting out a cool calendar (maybe you’ve already thought of this) featuring all of your wonderful actors including yourself of course, and celebrating not only FTM Fucker, but the transmale community as a whole? I’ve no doubt that a cool FTM Fucker calendar would fly off the shelves in a heart beat! Why not? Maybe it sounds a bit cheesy and a little outdated perhaps, BUT people still buy calendars and what a calendar it would be! Maybe some color shots mixed in with some B&W photos…HOT! It would not only give FTM Fucker and your amazing actors some great exposure, but it would also give folks a chance to get to know the FTM Fucker family so to speak. lol You could include some cool, fun and interesting facts about the actors and the shoots, etc. I know I’d buy it. The more people know about the great work you and your actors are doing I think, the more chance for dialogue and that can only be good for us in the long run. Oh and T-shirts of course! Or do you already have those? If not, consider some cool T-shirts, hats, key chains, mugs, condoms (wink wink), lubes and more! We’ll buy them if you sell them. I think…I KNOW FTM Fucker is going to be even bigger than it is now. It’s just a matter of time. Keep up the good work James you have a lot of supporters out here. You all do! God bless you and the FTM Fucker family. Peace. :)

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