Rex smokes a Cigar & Strokes his Cock

REX_ATL_FTMF 025Deep in the dirty south in a smoky leather bar, we stumbled across hot leatherboy Rex! Dressed in an immaculate highway patrol uniform, Rex is ready to strip down to nothing but his sexy shiny boots and big cigar. You’ll drop to your knees as he drops his drawers! This is one of the sexiest men we’ve ever seen and we’re sure you’ll agree! Right here on!

Photos by James Darling


Update #2: Photo Set

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4 thoughts on “Rex smokes a Cigar & Strokes his Cock”

  1. Awesome! Rex makes us ALL look good and proud to be transgender men! I don’t care how you swing, you’re always going to find something you like at FTMFucker. It’s funny how the tide is now FINALLY changing and people are genuinely coming out to embrace the transmale community! It;s becoming clear to me, that we are FINALLY being seen as seriously SEXY contenders in the world of porn and just everyday life and as a transgender male I am LOVIN IT! I’m so excited and can’t wait to see what’s next for FTMFucker! Thanks for thinking outside the box James. WOOF, GROWLLLL and HEYELL YEAH!!! 😉

  2. That really quick shot of Rex in his Dirty Fukker jockstrap had my Jockey Y-Fronts just soaking with my pussy juice! Would love see a photo set of you guys in white Bike #10 jockstraps (the contrast of Rex’s skin with the white jock would be incredible!) or a transman jockstrap play video, say between Vaughn and Jacques — or for a really cool change up — Jacqueline and one of the guys both wearing jockstraps! (tell her that I as a cis-female highly recommend them!)

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