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Daddy Power Jones Strokes His FTM Cock!

PJ_solo 025Sexy Daddy Power Jones is alone in his dungeon, touching himself  under his leather chapsand waiting for a boy worthy enough to serve him. His cock gets harder and harder as he strokes himeself off, thinking about the boy who will get on his knees and take his huge hard cock deep between his lips. Are you worthy? Check out this hot solo photospread and Power will have you begging for more!

Photos taken at Studio 10, leather provided by aslanleather.com


Update #1: Photo Set

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3 thoughts on “Daddy Power Jones Strokes His FTM Cock!”

    1. for benefit of the doubt, poster may have meant “it” as in , “this photoshoot” and not referring to Power’s gender, though what a great opportunity to remind all of us that some words, even a tiny one like “it,” can be triggering!

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