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Straight FTM Dieselboi shows off his post op cock!

dieselboi_solo-028We got a chance to get up close and personal with sexy straight post op trans man Dieselboi and he is fine as fuck!!! He strips out of his drawers and shows off his hot post op cock, lubing himself up and slowly pumping himself with a handmade pump until his dick is huge and ready to stroke. He  pulls at his cock and plays with his balls until he cums so many times we even lost count! I’m sure you’ll be equally distracted watching this hot man get himself off, only here on!


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6 thoughts on “Straight FTM Dieselboi shows off his post op cock!”

  1. My Master is FTM and I Love playing and sucking His cock… Love to watch FTM’s Jack off…… Actually it’s way Hotter to watch an Ftm jack off then seeing a Bio guy jack off… Except when a bio dude cums all that nice thick white Lovelyness down my throat… FUck Yeah….. Now that is what I miss the most,, The sweet reward for sucking that monster cock……Your Actors are very Hot and they have nice COCKS………. Mmmmmm

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