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James Darling & Power Jones: Daddy’s Boy

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 3.03.52 PMJames didn’t know what he was about to walk into when he stumbled into Studio 10. What began as a search for a friend at the bar quickly took him into the care of Power Jones, a formidable Leather Daddy straight from the pages of Tom of Finland. Power puts James through the paces to see if he really deserves to be his boy, and if he can earn the hard trans cock under his leather chaps.

Power starts James off with some boot worship, then ties him up for some impact play and flogging before taking him to the bed to get his reward of a mouth full of Power’s cum. After making Daddy cum, James gets a turn of his own, and Power begins to use his holes as he sees fit.

This pre negotiated consensual BDSM scene featuring lot’s of dirty and degrading verbal humiliation, impact play, fucking, Daddy/boy role-play and multiple orgasms. You don’t want to miss this hot and intense two part scene on!

One thought on “James Darling & Power Jones: Daddy’s Boy”

  1. WOW James you are a HOT THANG and so is your friend in the clip!!! GREAT SCENE you guys! It’s a proud day to be a transgender man let me tell ya! I love the variety that Queer porn offers and this site encourages all of the wonderful sexual variety and possibilities that exist, if we only keep our minds open to it. Whenever I watch mainstream porn, I never feel as if it is AT ALL representative of who I am or of the transgender male community that I am a part of; not at all and so I usually feel unsatisfied let’s put it that way and I don’t only mean in the physical sense, but emotionally speaking as well. I consider my own sexuality to be fluid and don’t really like labels of any kind and so FTM Fucker offers someone like me a CHOICE and I LOVE that about this site! I see myself as just a sexual person and that is all and so for me gay, bi, straight, etc., are just words and don’t really mean that much to me. I respect those who feel the need to identify one way or another, but that’s not me. FTM Fucker make me feel welcome and encouraged about who I am as a man and a sexual being! I don’t want anybody telling me whom I can and cannot enjoy sexually! I feel more empowered to enjoy sex with whomever I desire and that it’s okay and this site has a lot to do with that. This site makes me feel good about being a transgender man and I like that. Thank you James and we love you and what you’re trying to do here. Fuck trying, SUCCEEDING at doing here! God bless. 😉

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