Cyd and Ruckus: Tattooed Gay FTM Fucking

Part One and Part Two now live!

Cyd came home to his apartment to find his tattooed roommate Ruckus in his bed! If that wasn’t weird enough, Ruckus was playing with a blowup doll wearing Cyd’s clothes! How embarrassing. Ruckus was too shy to admit that he was having some nasty thoughts about his cock inside of his roommate! Cyd pulls down his pants and makes Ruckus suck him off before throwing him to the bed to show Cyd just what he’d been secretly thinking about! Soon Ruckus was balls deep inside his hot FTM roommate’s holes and the two couldn’t stop cumming all over each other! This throbbing hot tattooed gay fuckfest is sure to get you off, and you can find it here on FTMFUCKER.com!

Update #1: Photo Set

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