BEST WEBSITE, Feminist Porn Awards 2013

About FTMFucker.Com

FTM FUCKER is owned, operated and directed by award winning FTM porn star James Darling. After receiving countless messages about where to find more hot trans guy porn, it was obvious that there was demand for an FTM centric site. Not one to shy away from filling holes, James decided to start his own trans male porn site!


FTM FUCKER seeks to create an environment where trans men’s sexualities and bodies are celebrated in a respectful & affirming way.

FTM FUCKER uses the terms FTM and trans* to cover a broad range of identities. FTM stands for female to male transsexual, though many of our Fuckers identify simply as men or identify somewhere between or outside of the gender binary. We don’t believe you need to be on hormones or have surgery to be trans or “real men”. The language contained in this site is reflective of the individual preference of each model.

Please enjoy the high quality clips, photos and videos found inside FTM FUCKER! It’s our sincere hope that this site will help enhance your own fantasies and sex life. WELCOME to the future of trans male porn!


Casting, scene commentary, press opportunities, appearance requests, and all other inquiries can be made directly to James Darling/FTM Fucker,




Legal Information

All performers were age 18 or over at time of shoot in compliance with USC 18, Section § 2257. Dates of production 4/10/2012 to current date. Records maintained by James Darling Productions, 824 21st street, Oakland, CA 94607. In compliance with USC 18, Section § 2257.

© 2012 FTM Fucker/James Darling ProductionsMaterial is intended for viewing/reading by adults only, for use in the privacy of the customer’s home. Not for public use.

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FTM porn featuring the hottest trans men by director James Darling