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buckyjack 07

Bucky and Jack Dixon

Gamer buddies Bucky and Jack Dixon were over playing their favorite video games per usual, but things started getting pretty heated when Bucky kept losing! Both boys ended up wrestling to see who could beat the other without a controller in hand. What started as just a friendly competition soon turned into make outs and both boys started getting really turned on grappling on the floor! Soon Bucky and Jack forgot all about the game and found something much more fun to play with: each other! These adorable trans twinks take turns blowing each other’s dicks and fucking their asses. What’s hotter than some casual afternoon anal between two friends? Check out this super sexy FTM on FTM scene only here at FTMFUCKER!

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_damien_james 088

Damien Moreau and James Darling

_damien_james 088Damien Moreau watches his neighbor James go on a run outside. As James runs past his window, Damien finds himself lost deep in a fantasy. James pushes him up against the window and aggressively makes out before throwing Damien to the floor, ripping off his pants and tearing Damien’s underwear open with a knife. James shoves his face into Damien’s ass and rims his hole. The two tumble into a power struggle with James sitting his FTM pussy and ass all over Damien’s face. Damien submits and is slapped around and forced to suck James cock before James leads him upstairs for more! There Damien receives the ass pounding of a lifetime and takes every inch of James huge silicone cock! This explosively hot gay FTM and cis male scene can only be found here, on FTMFUCKER!
Photos and video by Isabel Dresler

Update #1: Photo Set

Already A Member? See all 95 of these high res, hardcore photos right now:  Open Gallery / Download Zip