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Oyle and Bleu

Bleu and Oyle are two hot masculine southern trans men with lot’s of tattoos and scruff to die for! These hotties make out before Oyle tops Bleu with a huge silicone cock. They aggressively fuck all over the bed before Bleu cums all over Oyle’s cock. Oyle rewards Bleu with some nice trans cock face fucking, this rough and sweet update is a scene you won’t want to miss here on FTMFUCKER.com!

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Charlie Spats and Vid Tuesday

Charlie Spats and Vid Tuesday meet up for a hot strap on fucking session in Vid’s bedroom. Charlie throws Vid onto the bed before passionately making out, rubbing their flesh and silicone cocks together in some really hot frottage, and taking turns blowing each other! Charlie teases Vid’s ass, playing with their cock and balls before pushing a glass plug inside their ass. Once Vids ass is ready for more, Charlie pounds Vids hole into ecstasy with his hot strap on cock! Check out this super hot and super queer scene, only here on FTMFucker.com!

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Venus Lux and James Darling

Venus Lux and James Darling meet up at an awards show and immediately get hot for each other.

Venus decides to take James back to her apartment to explore the wonders of sex with a trans man! They make out on the couch before James goes down on Venus’s perfect cock, and Venus take turns going down James, expertly getting him off with her mouth. Venus then tops James in his front hole with her cock and the two cum all over each other! This gorgeous scene has everything you could want from two award winning professional transsexuals, and you can now find it here on FTMFucker.com!

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Jesus Freak: Puck Goodfellow and Chelsea Poe

Puck Goodfellow was just minding his business at home when he heard a knock at the door. He went to check it out and found Chelsea Poe witnessing for Jesus! Well Puck doesn’t like the sound of all that religious stuff, but Chelsea is a total hottie, so he invites her inside his apartment to hear her out.

Once they’re inside it becomes pretty clear Puck is not really interesting in learning more about his salvation. Chelsea becomes increasingly hot and bothered by Puck’s lewd and crass comments and asks for a glass of water to compose herself. Puck brings her one, but oops, accidentally spills it all over her! So Chelsea takes off her sweater and when Puck notices the tattoo on her leg he starts to question if Chelsea is really as innocent as she claims to be! Puck pushes her onto the couch and ties up her wrists before getting really dirty and putting Chelsea’s faith to the test! This hot consensual kinky role-play session is super filthy, and you’ll want to catch all of it on FTMFUCKER.com!

Video editing by Cal Woodruff

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Power Jones and Rex

Power Jones needs to use the men’s room but Rex is taking too long! Power gets fed up and pushes Rex out of the way and onto the floor where he belongs. He sucks Power Jones cock until he begs for Power to fill all of his wet pig holes. Power bend him over and pounds Rex before rewarding this pig with some hot piss! This is one nasty and hot FTM on FTM pig play scene, and you can only find it here on FTMFUCKER.com!

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Spring breakers Kipp Slinger and Maxine Halloway search the streets for some hot tattooed trade for Kipp, with the help of a sexy driver and a big van! When they spot B Nefarious on the side of the road, they pull over and try to get him to come inside. They ask Nefarious for directions to the pool party is and if he wants to join them to see some hot girls in bikinis. He doesn’t know where the party is but he sure would like to find it and they decide to hit the road! Soon, Maxine is all over him and admits that she’s really working on her adult film career and needs help practicing her blowjob skills in front of the camera. Maxine is really hot and Nefarious is pretty horny today, so he doesn’t mind helping her out. Maxine blindfolds him and tells him that it will help his sensory experience if he doesn’t see what’s going on. Quickly Maxine and Kipp switch places and soon Nefarious is rock hard and enjoying Kipp’s hot mouth on his cock. When Maxine asks him how she’s doing, he notices something’s off about this whole blow job thing and looks down to a cock hungry Kipp sucking him off!

Of course he is surprised, but it feels so good it doesn’t matter! After some reassurance that watching Kipp’s incredible blow job skills turns Maxine on, she tells him how hot it would be to see the two of them hook up. A hesitant Nefarious obliges, and soon finds himself balls deep in a hot queer fucker bus adventure. This is some seriously wild trans guy seduction, and you can only find it here on FTMFUCKER.com!