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James Darling and Ned Mayhem: Gay FTM Afterschool Cocksucking & Hole Filling

Now updated with Part One and Part Two of this amazing scene! James Darling just can’t keep his focus in Ned Mayhem’s class! His impressionable young mind keeps drifting to the bulge in his teacher’s pants. Ned Mayhem asks James to stay after class for some much needed academic counsel. James is going to have to make up his failing grades somehow! Well, at least he’s pretty. Ned Mayhem whips out his cock and bends James over his desk in this hot cis guy on trans guy teacher/student roleplay!

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Update #2: James Darling and Ned Mayhem Hard Core Photoshoot

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FTM Jade Philips Pounds Gay Pornstar Branden Forrest Tight Ass

It’s so hot out here in Oakland and what could be better than taking off all your clothes and diving into some sizzling poolside action with musclar FTM stud Jade Phillips and cis pornstar Branden Forrest? Poolside makeouts, cocksucking, fucking and epic cumshots make this one wet hot summertime fling you don’t want to miss! Only on FTMFUCKER.com

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Update #2: Jade Phillips and Branden Forrest

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Charlie Spats & MJ Take a Break for Cocksucking & Hole Fucking

Working hard? Hardly working? MJ and Charlie have been busting their ass all day at the office and are in desperate need of a break. Right when MJ is ready to give in, he catches Charlie playing with himself behind the desk! MJ and Charlie spend the rest of their 9-5 exploring each other’s bodies in this sexy amateur trans guy on trans guy scene. They blow each other, Charlie fucks MJ over the office chair, and MJ even sucks Charlie’s cock through a dental dam! MJ grinds in Charlie’s lap while Charlie jerks himself off to orgasm in his office chair! JOIN NOW for more hot trans guy on trans guy ACTION! Only here, on FTMFUCKER.com!!!

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FTM Stealth Machine & Marlo Davis Get Down & Get Off After a Hot Date

Marlo Davis and Stealth Machine have just come back from a date. While deciding what happens next, Marlo notices Stealth Machine’s extensive hanky collection and copy of the Leather Daddy and the Femme sitting next to the couch! Intrigued, these two start making out. In this hot queer chub scene you’ll find expert cock sucking, mutual masturbation, 69, and hot orgasms! Only on FTMFUCKER.com

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