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Jesus Freak: Puck Goodfellow and Chelsea Poe

Puck Goodfellow was just minding his business at home when he heard a knock at the door. He went to check it out and found Chelsea Poe witnessing for Jesus! Well Puck doesn’t like the sound of all that religious stuff, but Chelsea is a total hottie, so he invites her inside his apartment to hear her out.

Once they’re inside it becomes pretty clear Puck is not really interesting in learning more about his salvation. Chelsea becomes increasingly hot and bothered by Puck’s lewd and crass comments and asks for a glass of water to compose herself. Puck brings her one, but oops, accidentally spills it all over her! So Chelsea takes off her sweater and when Puck notices the tattoo on her leg he starts to question if Chelsea is really as innocent as she claims to be! Puck pushes her onto the couch and ties up her wrists before getting really dirty and putting Chelsea’s faith to the test! This hot consensual kinky role-play session is super filthy, and you’ll want to catch all of it on FTMFUCKER.com!

Video editing by Cal Woodruff