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James Darling & Kitty Stryker: “Someday My Prince Will Cum”

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James Darling comes across Kitty Stryker encased in glass under a magic spell! The sight of her ruby red lips and face as white as snow turns him on so much that he pulls out his cock and starts jerking off. James reaches through the glass and breaks the spell, Kitty’s lips wrap around his huge strap on cock and soon this prince charming finds that sometimes, dreams really do cum true! Filmed by Courtney Trouble and featuring music by Unwoman, you can watch this fantastical and artful FTM on femme scene in its entirety,  right here on FTMFUCKER.com!


Update #1: Video

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Onesie Party: Devon Whipp and Vaughn Trapp

Devon Whipp wants to make sure his boy Vaughn Trapp has a very special tranniversary birthday celebration! They dress up in their cute onesies and sip special juice, eat cake and then blow each other, fuck all over the couch and bathtub until Devon and Vaughn cum all over each other!!! What better way to cozy up this winter than with a FTMFUCKER Onesie Party?!



Update Number One: Photo Set

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Puck Goodfellow & Jacques LeFemme FTM Demonic Fantasy

While performing a ritual and reading tarot cards before bed, Jacques LeFemme inadvertently invokes the spirit Puck Goodfellow! Puck controls Jacques body, making him convulse with passion and lust until he falls asleep. Then Puck slowly enters the room, seducing, flogging, stroking, spanking and facefucking the flexible and  lust-filled Jacques. The tables are turned when Jacques takes off Puck’s mask, revealing the true nature of this sexy beast. Past, present, and future, these hot orgasms will make this beautiful and surreal FTM on FTM fantasy a dream you will never forget.


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FTM Kay Garnellen and femme Sadie Lune afternoon romp & squirting

“Sadie was minding her own business when she caught her French FTM boyfriend Kay spying on her in the bathroom! She decides to run outside and teach Kay a lesson in her garden. This romantic & sadistic scene between two real ife partners features trans CBT, spanking, blowjobs, titty fucking, pissing, and truly phenomenal squirting! Only here on FTMFUCKER.com!

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