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Matty Boi & Robin Sparkles

Matty Boi & Robyn Sparkles

The scene starts with  Matty Boi and Robyn Sparkles decked out in boots and harnesses throwing each other on the bed. It doesn’t take long for these two trans guy hotties to get into an intensely competitive wrestling session to see which guy will end up on top! It was a close one, but eventually Matty wins and gets the prize of fucking Robyn with a strap on! The two trans guys fuck in multiple positions until Robyn cums all over Matty’s cock! Finally, Matty gets a turn to lay back and use a hitachi vibrator until he has an explosive orgasm! You won’t want to miss all the action right here on FTMFUCKER.com! 


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James Darling & Kitty Stryker: “Someday My Prince Will Cum”

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James Darling comes across Kitty Stryker encased in glass under a magic spell! The sight of her ruby red lips and face as white as snow turns him on so much that he pulls out his cock and starts jerking off. James reaches through the glass and breaks the spell, Kitty’s lips wrap around his huge strap on cock and soon this prince charming finds that sometimes, dreams really do cum true! Filmed by Courtney Trouble and featuring music by Unwoman, you can watch this fantastical and artful FTM on femme scene in its entirety,  right here on FTMFUCKER.com!


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Kipp Slinger Jerks Off!

Kipp Slinger can’t wait to relax on the couch with his favorite vintage porn magazine. He lays back and flips through the pages, getting more and more turned on with each image. Kipp unbuttons his pants and begins to play with his trans cock before stripping off his clothes. This sexy tattooed trans man gives a show like no other, check out Kipp’s hot solo masturbation scene right here on FTMFUCKER.com!

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Oyle and Bleu

Bleu and Oyle are two hot masculine southern trans men with lot’s of tattoos and scruff to die for! These hotties make out before Oyle tops Bleu with a huge silicone cock. They aggressively fuck all over the bed before Bleu cums all over Oyle’s cock. Oyle rewards Bleu with some nice trans cock face fucking, this rough and sweet update is a scene you won’t want to miss here on FTMFUCKER.com!

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Jesus Freak: Puck Goodfellow and Chelsea Poe

Puck Goodfellow was just minding his business at home when he heard a knock at the door. He went to check it out and found Chelsea Poe witnessing for Jesus! Well Puck doesn’t like the sound of all that religious stuff, but Chelsea is a total hottie, so he invites her inside his apartment to hear her out.

Once they’re inside it becomes pretty clear Puck is not really interesting in learning more about his salvation. Chelsea becomes increasingly hot and bothered by Puck’s lewd and crass comments and asks for a glass of water to compose herself. Puck brings her one, but oops, accidentally spills it all over her! So Chelsea takes off her sweater and when Puck notices the tattoo on her leg he starts to question if Chelsea is really as innocent as she claims to be! Puck pushes her onto the couch and ties up her wrists before getting really dirty and putting Chelsea’s faith to the test! This hot consensual kinky role-play session is super filthy, and you’ll want to catch all of it on FTMFUCKER.com!

Video editing by Cal Woodruff

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Jacques LeFemme and Rebeka Refuse

rebeka_jacques 70Rebeka Refuse was so horny and patiently waiting for her hot date when she got stood up! Who would flake on a hottie like Rebeka?! Not to be deterred, Rebeka dialed up the trusty FTM Escort Delivery Service and the dashing and dapper Jacques Lefemme was at her door ASAP and ready to give Rebeka exactly what she wants. These two go all out in a sexy tumble full of passionate mutual oral, trans cock titty fucking and orgasms that will be sure to leave you ready to dial up a FTM escort of your own! Trans on trans porn at it’s finest, you won’t want to miss this FTMFUCKER.com exclusive scene!

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