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rebeka_jacques 70

Jacques LeFemme and Rebeka Refuse

rebeka_jacques 70Rebeka Refuse was so horny and patiently waiting for her hot date when she got stood up! Who would flake on a hottie like Rebeka?! Not to be deterred, Rebeka dialed up the trusty FTM Escort Delivery Service and the dashing and dapper Jacques Lefemme was at her door ASAP and ready to give Rebeka exactly what she wants. These two go all out in a sexy tumble full of passionate mutual oral, trans cock titty fucking and orgasms that will be sure to leave you ready to dial up a FTM escort of your own! Trans on trans porn at it’s finest, you won’t want to miss this FTMFUCKER.com exclusive scene!

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Michelle Austin and James Darling

Michelle Austin and James Darling have a hot 1950s role-play out on the lawn!  Michelle knows just how to treat her trans man right after a long hard day, bringing him a cold refreshing soda before getting on her knees and smearing her bright red lipstick all over his cock.  When he asked if she would fuck him, she replied “oh honey!” and happily obliged.  This is Michelle’s first time ever fucking a trans man and she took to it like a pro!  Sucking James swollen cock and pounding his wet holes into bliss!  This hot trans woman on trans man scene was filmed by Courtney Trouble,  and the full film,  directed by James Darling and starring Michelle Austin getting it on with the hot trans men of FTMFUCKER,  can be found online at Transmenadventures.com!



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Kipp Slinger and Robin Lalonde

robin_kipp 014Part One and Two Now Live! Kipp Slinger was expecting his dinner to be ready for him on the table when he got home from work, only to discover that Robin Lalonde had burned everything, even the salad! He demands Robin make him a sandwich to satiate his hunger. Robin apologizes profusely, and promises to make Kipp something so delicious he’ll never forget but first, wouldn’t Kipp like a cup of tea? After a few sips of tea Kipp passes out and wakes up locked in a cage, completely at Robin’s mercy! The tables turn and now Kipp must do everything he can to make up for his misogynist behavior and please Robin, including taking her huge strap on cock! This hot switchy trans man on trans woman scene is loaded with chemistry and orgasms, and you can only find it here on FTMFUCKER.com!

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